Eco-Bb® registered in Kenya

Andermatt Kenya Limited is delighted to announce that Eco-Bb® (Beauveria bassiana) has been fully registered in Kenya; Reg No. PCPB (CR) 2308 for the control of red spider mite, thrips and mealybug on roses, as well as for thrips, aphids, whitefly and red spider mites on French beans.

This uniquely-formulated bioinsecticide is a great addition to the growers IPM toolbox, offering a broad spectrum solution with multiple modes of action. Eco-Bb® has an essential role to play in the management of listed pests in all crops and supports growers in their quest to achieve phytosanitary compliance, allowing them access to international markets including the EU.

Product manufacturers, South Africa based Andermatt PHP are proud to have the Kenyan registration approved.

We’d like to acknowledge and thank the Andermatt Kenya team. Through close collaboration and after extensive trials and research, we are delighted to add roses to the Eco-Bb® label. We are confident that our new customers in Kenya will benefit from what Eco-Bb® has to offer.’ – Matt Janks, Andermatt PHP Product Manager

This is a new international market for Eco-Bb® and the first of many.  Eco-Bb® has been used by farmers in South Africa since 2011 and has been tested in various conditions in Africa and around the world.

For more information on Eco-Bb® contact Andermatt Kenya, +254 (0) 202 100 880,, or visit