Kenya & East Africa – The Andermatt way – a world of opportunity!

Hamish Ker

Kenya is a diverse nation and its farming mirrors the same. We have a diversity of crop types from our historically world-famous Arabica coffee sold in coffee houses around the world, to our beautiful flowers decorating homes from London to New York. The list goes on and on, from our sweet pineapples to savoury avocado salsa to tender stem broccoli.

Despite the diversity of crops, we have one common challenge – to farm in a manner that can support our diverse farming community while protecting our unique African environment. Globally, our ecosystems are growing increasingly fragile. Farmers need to navigate the success and sustainability of their practices whilst navigating a growing myriad of realities: costs are rising, crop protection solutions are diminishing and legislation is mounting.

Andermatt is here to help. Our world class products offer solutions to meet every growers needs, from a small scale maize farmer to the most intensive commercial exporter of perishable flowers. Our holistic approach starts with an 80:20 focus. The foundation of healthy plants is a healthy root system (below ground); a healthy plant factory (above ground) and finally, pest and disease management.

The driving force behind the 80:20 focus is on root health. THE path to a productive and healthy crop with reduced pest/disease pressure, maximising sustainable yields whilst managing costs and ensuring farmers have continued access to market:

Sustainability Pyramid Soil and Root Health - Andermatt Africa

This solution creates the required focus adopting the principles of the “Pyramid of Health” to drive soil biology to grow productive healthy food, for all.

The Andermatt way is simple, but so is nature.
In her simplicity of balancing all complexities, there is much to be learned from Mother Earth.

At Andermatt, we believe building health from the ‘bottom up’ with a 80:20 focus offers farmers simple but effective solutions to secure their critical futures. 

(We also believe this focus positions farmers to contribute to carbon sequestration, ultimately impacting the global climate challenge. But THAT, is a story for another day!)

Thank you for partnering with us and being a contributor to feeding the world with healthy food and healthy environment, for all!