A very big well done to the Andermatt in Africa team for the second quarter of 2023.

We have hosted two ‘Technical Training Tours’ in Southern Africa and a very successful conference in Kenya (read more below). By the time the season hits, it will be all systems go and the hard work will pay off.

Feedback from our trial site in Kenya is positive and the team is excited that we have the right products to do the job at hand; helping growers shift to regenerative farming practices as outlined by Hamish in his article. Mozambique continues to be first to market with registrations of proprietary products which in turn will assist the entire group’s activities on the continent.

The registered product portfolio grows by the day as East Africa opens her doors to growing food for the export markets.

However, it becomes apparent, particularly in the tough climatic and economic times that biology has a massive role to play with mobilizing and solubilizing nutrients into plant available forms. Stay tuned for more on this sleeping giant for application in row crops in our Quarter 3 feedback. For now, it is quiet before the storm.

Rest up team, it’s about to kick off. Thank you for your commitment and belief in what is about to become a reality.

Thank you for your support. It has been a busy half.