The first quarter of 2023 has been a busy one, we have new team members, new distributors, new products on the market and new challenges in the day-to-day logistics of doing business in Africa. The longest Cyclone ever recorded: – namely Freddy hit Mozambique and Malawi in March and its effects were felt throughout neighbouring states. Nature in Africa, once again, teaches us a valuable lesson on just how powerful the ecosystem we get to grow our food in, really is. The challenge of adverse conditions and diverse growing cultures and beliefs is the hidden gem of Africa, we are tested daily on our company vision of – Healthy Food and Environment for all – Thank you Cyclone Freddy for the subtle reminder.

For every challenge there is a reward and a personal highlight this quarter, was hosted by James Leslie of Sesisonke in his apple orchard in the Eastern Free state, South Africa. We ended our tour in James’s orchard discussing Madex application strategies; the very first product that Andermatt Global founders, Martin and Isabel Andermatt developed; and the product that started Andermatt 38 years ago. A lightbulb moment – this is a journey not a race. We are on the right path and our compass is tracking true North. There are going to be challenges of many descriptions along the way, however if we work with nature and not against her – she will reward us.

James is an early adopter of biologicals and has walked the walk in the implementation of biological farming in the African soil, his earthworm enriched soils are a testimony to his work. It hasn’t been easy and the blueprint is not available on the open market, however they say the ultimate proof is in the eating:

Well, I cannot describe how amazing it was to pick residue free apples straight from the tree and consume them in-orchard while listening to James describe his journey of becoming more sustainable as a farmer. What I can tell you is that the packed lunch from our hotel for the day had apples in it and it took one bite into this retailer’s apple to taste the difference. If we are serious about our food, we will need to grow this sustainable farming journey, for the nutritional value, the environment and the long term profitability of the farmer.

Andre Fox
Andermatt Business Development Director