An update from our Director

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the first issue of our Andermatt in Africa newsletter. Africa has a massive role to play in global food security. She is rich in land, water and labour with forecasts predicting growth of 33% in the next 5 years.

I am proud to share that Andermatt in Africa is well positioned in strategic Central and Eastern African countries. Our team looks forward to meeting the ever-increasing demand for sustainable agricultural solutions to support growers with responsible food production, with Kenya and Mozambique leading by example.

Andermatt Global has invested heavily in Africa. They recognise the significant role the continent will play. As product integrity leaders in the biological industry, Andermatt and Andermatt in Africa looks to lead and grow the biological footprint of solutions in Africa.

This quarterly newsletter is aimed to keep you, our partners, customers and growers updated on the latest developments within the team and within the industry.

We wish all our growers a prosperous and successful season and thank you, for your interest in helping us work towards our vision of ‘Healthy Food and Healthy Environment, for all’.

Andre Fox,
Andermatt Business Development Director

WHAT’S UP IN: Andermatt Kenya

Andermatt Kenya is proud to be able to grow its footprint and provide African growers with biological solutions that enhance their businesses.

With a proven track record in the agricultural industry, we have provided Kenya and East Africa with Macrobial and Microbial products over the last four years. As we continue to grow our product offering to support a budding flower industry, we are proud to provide solutions that support growers from planting through to harvesting season.

Operating out of Naivasha since inception in 2018, Andermatt Kenya opened an additional office in Nairobi, the central Kenyan hub.

The new offices facilitate improved access to distribution channels, enhanced administration support and easy access to government and client offices, all of which position the company to better serve her growers.

Distribution is a key priority, our customer base is growing, and we are in the process of expanding to ensure we have outlets in every region in Kenya for both large and small scale growers.

We are excited to share that our first macrobial solution, Phytogard has recently been registered. The vision is to expand on this range, which we know will add great value to the horticultural product supply.

Andermatt Kenya is committed to small scale growers. The biological product portfolio blends well with small scale and subsistence growers, the ‘glue’ that ensures the country remains food secure. Together with the Kenyan government, great support is extended to this grower sector with small scale packs and support.

The company has grown to market and distribute 18 biorational solutions that are ‘Backed by Science and Loved by Nature’.

We are continuously expanding our biological product portfolio, offering local growers greater access to the most advanced sustainable crop production solutions on the market.

WHAT’S UP IN: Andermatt Mozambique

Andermatt Mozambique is officially up and running and rearing ahead for the season.

Our business paperwork was finalised in mid-2022 allowing us to have a local bank account, whilst many registrations have already come through, allowing us to import stock and for our customers to make payment locally. With our warehouse in Ponto do Ouro now also operational, we are able to hold stock in country and reduce time to get it onto farms. We are very excited about this foundation and the base which is provides to make our range of products available across Mozambique as we expand our distribution across the country.

We are proud to already have 140 product registrations on the continent, with 40 registrations pending.

Andermatt Mozambique is positioned to be a ‘registration hub’ for the Andermatt Group and thus far we have 18 registered products in country, with 4 further products currently pending, 3 products undergoing trials for registrations, with an ongoing basket of solutions in development. This capability has already made products available in Mozambique which are not yet available elsewhere on the continent, providing a significant benefit to growers in the country and subsequently across the region.

Distribution is a key priority for us. Our customer base is growing and we are in the process of expanding our footprint with biospecialists and Distributors based in Mozambique. This will both bring access to advice and support from our team and will bring our products closer to farmers so it’s simpler to access across them from any place in the country. We’ve made great progress here already and will be announcing these key developments in our team very soon.

Introducing the Andermatt in Africa support team:

Renea Harilal

Trade Administrator: South-East Africa Business Development: Central and Eastern Africa International Lead: Rest of Africa

Renea is the Andermatt in Africa ‘go to’ lady supporting all countries, excluding South Africa and Kenya.

Renea ensures the efficient coordination for Supply Chain through execution of administration functions, international trade administration requirements and logistics liaison with Andermatt in Africa distributors and partners.

Keziah Ndinda

Regulatory Affairs and Office Admin: Andermatt Kenya

Keziah is the ‘go to’ lady supporting Stephen and the Kenya team on all admin functions.

Keziah, is also responsible for:

  • Administration – invoicing, orders and processing.
  • Product development and the co-ordination of product registration and research activities.
  • Logistics, all import/export co-ordination and deliveries within Kenya
  • Sales, marketing and branding support